About Us

Satyananda Yoga Research Centre is a registered non-profit charitable Trust in india devoted tospread the message of Yoga, meditation and spiritual well being Established in 1983 by Yogacharya Dr N Vijayaraghavan SYRC is the only yoga centre in Kerala which is affiliated to the International Yoga Fellowship Movement. The activities of SYRC focus on Yoga practice, Yogaresearch and Education More than five lakhs of people from various walks of life from India andabroad received yoga training from SYRC. The centre has also imparted yoga training to hundredsof Yoga teachers.

SYRC provides opportunity to empower your body through the traditional practice of yoga andmeditation SYRC conducted several yoga therapy cramps exclusively for Bronchial AsthmaDiabetes Mellitus, Lower Back Pain HD Vision problems etc With the aim of spreading Humanwell-being, an Ashram is founded at Perumanna in Kozhikode District. Kerala. Our motto is tospread positive vibes all around for a Spiritual well-being. The Organisation is managed bydedicated and well experienced Trust members and a group of volunteers under the able guidanceof its founder Yogacharya Dr. N Vijayaraghavan. All our activities are based on the traditionalmethod of Yoga featuring contemporary facilities in a clean and nature friendly layout.

All the activities are coordinated by our Managing Trustee President N P Radhakrishnan andGeneral Secretary C P Gopinath The fully dedicated team of yoga instructors headed by Chiefinstructor V Chandran has been instrumental in bringing up the centre as a renowned yoga trainingcentre. We have a separate academic wing under the stewardship of experts in education to monitorthe academic and research oriented activities of SYRC. Professionals from different fields are alsoour strength for the planning and execution of variety of activities and its administration.

We realize that the success scored by the centre all these years is the result of the invaluablesupport of thousands of our well wishers from different part of the world.

Our Guru


Born in 1923 at Almora, UP in India. Joined his guru, Swami Sivananda Saraswati, in the Himalayan town of Rishikesh in 1943. Completed his sannyasa training and began parivrajakalife in 1956. Wandered extensively throughout India. Realized his mission and funded the following movements at Munger the International Yoga Fellowship movement in 1962, BiharSchool of Yoga in 1964 ,Sivananda Math and the Yoga Research Foundation in 1984. Recognizedas an adept and authority of the deepest esoteric knowledge by saints and sages throughoutIndia in 1973. Has travelled widely to all corners of the globe, spreading the message of Yoga,and guiding and inspiring countless disciples, aspirants, ashrams and centers.

Dr N.Vijayaraghavan,
The disciple of
H H Swami Satyananda & founder of
Satyananda Yoga Research Centre.

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