Satyananda Yoga Research Centre, Calicut proposes to conduct a two day seminar on 20th and 21st of April 2019. It is concieved as a purely professional seminar for doctors, yoga professionals, students of yoga and those who take study of yoga seriously.

Important Subjects

  • Efficiency of yoga in reduction of crime.
  •  Role of yoga in stress management.
  •  Yoga – the science of spiritual evolution.
  •  Yoga for personality development.

Few Other Suggestions

  • Role of yoga in the treatment of diabetics and obesity.
  •  Relief from depression and phobia through Yoga.
  •  Pranayama the virtual energy.
  •  Yoga for coronary heart disease.
  •  Yoga in treatment of anxiety and neurosis.
  •  Yoga for Arthritis and back pain.
  •  Yoga for controlling Asthma e.t.c.

Entry restricted to 200 delegates who registerin advance. There will be presentations by eminent scholars in the field. Research students will have an opportunity to present their papers.

Cultural evening is planned for the first day and a general program for the public on the second day. Accomodation shall be made available for people from outside the City at affordable rates. 

Travel and stay for invited guests will be takencare of by the organizers. A souvenir will also be published covering theentire aspects of the seminar.

A 51 member committee have already started functioning for the successful conduct of the seminar.

We solicit your whole hearted support and guidance of the seminaryours faithfully.